AidLearning --- Mobile visual AI programming platform
AidLearning App builds a Linux system with graphical interface on Android phone. We embed top7 popular deep learning frameworks, visulaizing IDE, abundant AI instances and demonstrations. AidLearning enables you to accomplish AI learning, coding and visualizing within your phone.

Overall, AidLearning has created a touch-and-drag platform for rapid coding and learning that combines Android + Linux + AI 3IN1 environments. It utilizes mobile phones for fragmented coding and fully optimizes use of the development advantages of dominate operating systems (Android + Linux) and the mobile advantages of phone client. AidLearning offers a distinct advantage to users through an effective new platform for coding and development.

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Immediate start

AidLearning contains top7 popular deep learning frameworks, including Caffe, Tensorflow, Mxnet, Pytorch, kears, Ncnn, Opencv etc. You need no more configuration, third party package or over the wall any more.

Visual coding

Aicode is a built-in visual IDE. It supports Python(Python2 and Python3) lauguage on your smart phone. It also provides touch-and-drag UI module and real time debugging and visualizing.

Massive Inspiration

AidLearning provides varies source code of Face recognition, behavior recognition, classification and prediction etc. You could search for your inspiration.

Muti-terminal collaboration

AidLearning provides cloud service to synchronize code and application. We also provide interactive coding ability througout diversity terminals, optimize terminal swicthing experience for better creation.

Coding anywhere

Aidlearning helps you demonstrate your instance anytime and anywhere with your smart phone. You can also display your instance on TV or projector for easy study and communication.

Energy Star

According to the test on the mainstream smartphone like Samsung, Aid Learning Framework only use 1% power consumption in a whole day (Standby)

Best Mobile App for Your AI algorithm experiment

When you have completed your AI test algorithm in Python, don't you want to test it on your phone? You don't need to change the code, you don't need to use JNI to develop the app, you just need to copy your algorithm file in Python to the phone, you can run it immediately with our framework.


It’s all about Promoting your Business

Using our framework, you can develop your app without Android Studio, and you can directly generate apps in Python, which can save a lot of time. In addition, we have built a lot of examples of AI, including face recognition, gesture recognition, body pose recognition, object recognition, etc.

Our Best



Screen too small ?

you can Projecting the screen of a mobile phone onto a TV set and show your ai app on the big tv screen. Or you can use the sshd(already build in) connect to pc,using the pc keybord to coding.

Code transfer ?

your sdcard directory have been loaded in the /sdcard,so you can transfer codes using the usb line to pc or others.

Code reuse ?

we use the most popular language python to coding the AI app, so the codes of app can also run in the pc,you dont need modify.

Security ?

Aid Learning FrameWork dont need root privileges,Don't worry about destroying mobile phone systems and data. the framework is self-contained.

Slow ?

We recompiled the multithreaded acceleration library openblas in the framework,so it is fast and Parallel.

Cloud ?

the framework dont need network to work.of cousre ,we have a plenty of examples in the cloud.

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You only need to download our App of Aid learning and install it. After the installation, opening the app, the app will automatically download and update the dependency package, which takes about a few minutes, mainly relying on the network speed.
If you use it for learning or for personal interests, you can use it for free. If you use business, you need to tell us and negotiate the authorization fee.
If your project does not have a GUI interface, you don't need to make any changes to run in this framework! If your project has a statement like cap=cv2.VideoCapture(), you only need to change it to cap=cvs.VideoCapture(). We encapsulate a class cvs like cv2 to open the camera and display the image.
Yes, we will continue to upgrade. On the one hand, we will continue to upgrade the built-in AI framework (caffe/mxnet/tensorflow/keras/ncc) to the latest version; on the other hand, we will support more development languages besides Python, we plan to support C++/C in the next step.
The Android version of your phone needs to be greater than 6.0, and the phone supports the aarch64 (arm64) architecture. In addition to very old phones, most phones already support.

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