Linux+AI+GUI+Python 4In1 for Android

Born to be powerful, Aid has built a complete Linux os that supports
GUI for Android build-in almost all deep learning development frameworks:caffe/mxnet/keras/torch/tensorflow/ncnn/opencv...
Built-in powerful programming IDE and development tool

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Make your phone more productive

Built-in development tools

The most popular IDE built in Aid: VScode/Jupyter/Aidcode/Blockly... supports almost all languages ​​such as Python/Java/C/C++/GO, and the gcc/g++/clang/javac compiler is also perfectly built-in

Drag-and-drop ui design

Aid has built-in Python development IDE, supports drag-and-drop interface design and full-stack AI component support, and supports graphical development components pygame/sdl/pyqt/turtle, so that your inspiration can be realized at your fingertips.

AI best experimental development platform

Aid has built-in a large number of AI components, models, examples, and tutorials, lowering the threshold of AI development. The built-in Py2Apk tool can convert your Py code into Apk application release. At the same time, you can directly control the powerful sensors and peripherals of the phone through py

Cloud desktop collaborative development

Aid has a built-in complete native cross-platform desktop, no need to install the support of third-party vnc, etc. It supports the same desktop on the computer and mobile terminals. The X mode makes your development exactly the same as on the Linux PC. The code developed on Aid can also run On the PC

Community operation

More than 5000+ teams around the world are using Aid Learning, Github Star: 38k+, download visits 1.500000+, personal learning is always free.

One-click installation

Only need to install a 10M or so App to automatically guide to complete the installation. Currently, it has been launched in major App application centers (Goolge Play, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo...)

Aid strong compatibility


Powerful built-in and support

Aid supports almost all scientific packages, deep learning dependencies and development tools, and office tools on the Linux platform


Hybrid system

Aid transplants the native Linux system to run on the Android platform, beautify as beautiful as Mac, let you refreshing


Safe and green

A mobile phone, two systems coexist, safe isolation, free switching without restarting, 1% standby power consumption all day, entertainment, development and learning are both correct

Co-developed with PC

With only one URL, you can project the Aid platform to your computer via wifi, and use Aid's built-in environment on the large screen of the computer to continue learning and development...

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Touch inspiration anytime, anywhere

With Aid, you have Linux that supports AI development with you. Whenever, wherever you are, you can open your programming mode as you like and let Aura complete it at your fingertips.

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Aid turns your Pad into mac in seconds

After installing Aid on your pad, you can have a beautiful interface like a mac, plus Bluetooth keyboard support, the pad will become a Linux-based PC in seconds, and Aid makes the horizontal screen and higher resolution operation experience better.


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